How to Create Azure Speech API Key?

Steps of configuration on Microsoft Azure

1. Sign in Azure:

2. After sign-in, Click ‘Portal’ at the right top (besides your email address).

3. Click ‘Create a resource’, type the word ‘Speech’ in the search input area, select ‘Speech’ (It’s ‘Speech’, not ‘Speech to Text’).

4. Click ‘Create’, fill in the form:
Name: Any name
Subscription: Free Trial
Location: In order to use all the voices, you can only choose one of the regions as follows:
Australia East
East US
India Central
South Central US
Southeast Asia
UK South
West Europe

Pricing tier: ‘Standard S0’
Resource Group: any group or create a new one with any names
At last, Click ‘Create’

5. Click ‘Go to resource’, click ‘Click here to manage keys’, click ‘Show keys’, you will see two keys, either of them is ready to use. This is the ‘Subscription Key’ that you need to copy to the WP Audio Podcast Settings.

This is the end of the configuration on Microsoft Azure.

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